Mountain Men
Motorcycle Club
Established 1973
The Mountain Men Motorcycle Club was founded in northern Vermont in 1973 by a group of independent thinking bikers who came together with several common interests: riding motorcycles, outdoor sportsmanship, and brotherhood. They lived the 1% life style, and died honorable men.

These ideals live on in the current brotherhood, with active members in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and California. Our prospective members work hard to achieve their goal of becoming a full patch member of the Mountain Men.

Interested in finding out more? Approach us in person, or reach out to us via the contact page. Generally we do not recruit, you need to approach us.

Please see our 'contact' page for current and prospective chapters.

350 Pete, Tommy, Dick D., Denny, HB, Sebago Dick, Chester, Ray, Rags, Skip, Conway Ron, Phil Jaques, Timmy, PT, Barney, Slow John, Bob(74-75), Pappy, Apple, Zonk, and others that passed living the life they loved

About the MMMC

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